A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Minewell is our entry to the GMTK Jam.

Dig for gems in procedural caves.

Your mining laser eats through rocks, enemies and even gems. Be careful tho. Gems might explode if overheated. Pick them up before enemies eat them and become stronger. Spend your hard earned gems in the vending machine, if you can find it.

Find the stairs down to the next level.

Wildly unbalanced :)

Love / @kebabskal and @wobotnikk


Minewell-0.1.2-WIN.zip 13 MB
Minewell-0.1.2-OSX.zip 15 MB
Minewell-0.1.2-LIN.zip 16 MB


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do you have any source on how you did that lightning effect, or if you would be kind enough to upload the source somewhere? I'd love to see how to do that for myself (also the cool laser effect) cheers, cool game!

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The lighting effect is very simple. I have two identical cameras, one renders lights on a black texture, one renders everything else like usual to another texture. A third camera renders two fullscreen quads, the lighting one uses the "Particles Multiplicative" shader in unity, the other uses the "Textured Unlit" shader.  Works fine even with colored "light blobs".

The laser is  a line renderer with some particle systems, lights and sprites at the start end and middle.

Hope that helps :D

tbh still a bit too new to gamedev, I get how it would work but I'll surely return when I got some more experience to try to piece it together myself, thanks for the reply!