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Pink River is a game about a raft, that you can't steer. 
You have to rebuild it as you go.

Made in under 48h for GMTKJam 2020 - Out of Control 

Code + Art: kebabskal
Sound + Music: Tommy Blixt & Alfred Rahm
Additional game design: kebabskals twitch chat :

Handy font by Cal Henderson (https://www.iamcal.com/misc/fonts/

Updated 18 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Authorskebabskal, ragewag0n
Tags3D, Game Maker's Toolkit Jam, lofi, Pixel Art


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It won't open on Mac :( 

Well done, the game play feels so well realized.  The art, music, and audio are cohesive, and it was smooth to play.  My only real gripe was that sometimes i could be hard to tell which lane was which. (Oh and the half pick-up bug).  The grab indicator appearing on the individual unattached raft chunks would be nice.

This is such a good game! You could stick this in an arcade cabinet and pull in quarters all night and I kinda wanna try it out with a joystick now!

I really liked this game and the soundtrack is ACES! great job everyone and thank you again @redpixel for the art on the thumbnail. I linked you in the description

Let's Check it Out https://youtu.be/DO_UvkGLFVQ

Love the art style, and has the potential to be addicting. Thanks for supporting linux :)

I loved. Congratulations to the 3.

Ran into a bug where I was floating on an invisible block, unable to move or pick up anything, but I'm still drifting with my chunk of blocks on the bottom left. Happened twice in one sitting : 

A simple but well excuted concept, very addicting with the right amount of frustration that makes you go "just one more round". Would love to see a story mode where there's a goal in mind instead of just aimlessly hitting the high score on endless mode, hope to see a full release on Steam with achievement attached. A couch co-op mode would be awesome too!

Excellent game, simple mechanics but rich and balanced gameplay. Great potential for further expansion with different areas, new enemies and buying upgrades with collected money. Still cannot figure out what the cage does and how to deal with shooting enemies other than evading and jumping though.

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im addicted to this game please release it on steam or something thank you

Will this be available for other platforms, like linux ?

It runs on wine for me with no tinkering.

this is a good game I like the concept i tried to camp on the dock and I think I got killed by a performance fixing think that prevents camping to nice work.



Took me a while to notice that you could move the blocks, after I did loved everything about this game 10/10 ign

Gameplay of it from 1:28 - 3:09


Absolutely amazing game. Looks fantastic, extremely stressful but it feels very well balanced. Again, fantastic game.

Nice mechanics man :). I thing its very good base to full game.

I enjoyed the game, the aethics were cool but I found out the enemy that shoots you very hard to avoid, especially when you got only two platform


For a simple game made in 48 hours, Pink River is deceptively challenging and fun. It's proof that all you really need is one well done mechanic to have a good time, and I appreciate that about it.

Good job, dev.

I was wondering what all the hype was around this game but I fully understand now hahaha, this game is so great! Super super fun!

I don't know if anyone's mentioned this already but my brother found a bug where if you keep building the raft backwards you can move far enough back that all the incoming objects despawn before reaching you lol. 

But yeah regardless we enjoyed the game very very much. Thank you for the very cool experience!

Such an awesome game! I really love the art style of the game! I'm personally a big fan of pixel art and especially when combined with 3D. The concept of the game is great and very original, the sound design is done very nicely, and the purpose of the game is very clear! I personally had a lot of fun playing it! On my first try I had no idea what I was supposed to do, but that's mostly because I accidentally started the game and missed some very important information haha! Overall a wonderful game! Well done!

I can't launch the game is this a known bug? I'm on windows 10

This was an awesome and unique game, think you making this game, it was fun to play.

No. Try treotenos solution from below. https://forum.unity.com/threads/crash-openadapter10_2.702962/#post-4707890

It is a very fun game, but I recommend that you put a store behind where you appear to buy things with the diamonds you get, it would be more addictive to know that you need those diamonds to be better in the game. :3

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Really fun game. You guys are aware of the bug where you half pick up a block and it moves with you but you can't place it anywhere? It throws you off a bit and losing track for a moment is death. Distracted me in my last two attempts. I'd definitely buy a version for a few bucks (or even just donate a few here) if you clean up that bug or add some new stuff. 

Saw someone play it in a gmtk compilation and it immediately stood out. Really cool, and fun to play as well.

thanks! Yup aware. I think it happens when you put down a block on a non attached block and then pick that up or something like that.

Loved your game! I even started a new channel and uploaded a review of your game! If you are curious here is the link: 

Wow! This game was very fun to play. I didn't quite understand the mechanics at first, but after dying a couple of times I got the hang of it. The art and music are also phenomenal.

Really excellent, I've been really enjoying playing this.

The bombs are devastating in the best way possible! Lovely aesthetic/music and great primary mechanic. A fun and promising game.

However, I've gotta say my biggest gripe with the game is that your raft doesn't automatically connect with the rogue pieces in the water, I went for these clutch plays a couple times but to no avail :(

Wow, crazy concept :D love the potential here, and the looks are great as well!


We made fanart for your game! Hope you like it!


do you mind if someone was to use this for a thumbnail? as along as you were mentioned 

Of course! Feel free!


Actually. I would mind. It says team red pickxel on it, which is not us. Please remove that if you use the artwork  but check with red so that part is okay :D

We don't mind at all, It's your game.

Oh I love this game

this game is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, you chose the colors perfectly!
looking forward to seeing your next works


I added this to the boot.config, then it worked:


extremely good


Pretty cool game !


this game doesnt bore me. it challenges me and it blows my mind what you can do with the rafts to overcome challenges!


Phenomenal game, the core game loop is interesting and dynamic and you are at the mercy of the river. Visually it stands out. I would love to see this fleshed out or ported to mobile. You have definitely earned a follow on Twitter and I can't wait to see what else you do.

Awesome Game! The art is great and the music really fits in to the game! The game mechanic is very original and I think it really fits in to the theme. I love the pixel art style and the strategic concept, where you can move the block parts of the raft. The game is overall pretty fun and enjoyable! I can't believe that you guys made this game in only 48 hours! Great Job!

Really cool game! loved the design, the art is amaaazing! and the concept is such a good take on the theme.

however i would look more into the enemy design as i more often while playing felt like they stopped me from enjoying the rest of this masterpiece.

maybe considering not having the projectiles and such at all or consider the possibility to build walls as protection for them or slowing them down abit. they felt a bit tedious to me. 

Everything else felt great to me tho! good job!

Really a fun and awesome game! I love the puzzle aspect in it!

I am not sure if Unity allow that easily, but once the competition finished, do you think it may be possible to build a Mac version of it to help sharing it to others people?

I wish you luck for the Jam! I didn’t look at much of the others games yet, but I see Pink River in a winning position!

Awesome game, you deserve to win the competition. Which engine did you use?



Pink River is an Itch Dot Io indie unlike any other that I have experienced

Visually stunning, mechanically innovative and hecking difficult its blend of creativity and unique-ness is  wonderfully refreshing

Furthermore there is much that could be expanded upon here beyond its current state as a 48 hour game jam to provide different game modes/difficulties as well as a more competitive experience between friends (a point which I raise at the end of this video).

However I would be more than happy to purchase this on console platforms with its artstyle lending itself to a striking physical box release


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